How To transfer files through Android Monitor on blocked USB port

Have you ever tried to transfer files from your office PC/laptop to other devices? Then you already know, the antivirus software managed by your company administrator doesn’t allow us to do so. They disabled the usb ports so that, nobody can transfer official documents to any other devices without administrative permission.

Well, there is a way to bypass this security feature. We’ll use Android Device Monitor currently known as Android Profiler. It is GUI tool used for Android development and we can use it to transfer files between PC/Mac and Android device.

To transfer a file, you have follow the steps below :

  1. Download and install latest version of Java Development Kit (JDK). Ignore it, if you have already installed JDK.
  2. Download the SDK Tools Package from the android developer page:
  3. Extract the downloaded package and navigate to tools folder in it.
  4. Open command line (cmd) from this location and execute monitor in cmd
  5. Plugin your mobile to PC through usb cable and allow USB debugging from your phone. Make sure you turned on USB debugging from Developer options
  6. Android monitor window opens and you can see your device in the Devices pane.
  7. In the File Explorer  tab you can see whole file system of your device
  8. To copy file from PC/mac to device select /mnt/sdcard  and click Push   button in the upper right corner
  9. Select a file from File Browser.

That’s all, file has been copied to your device successfully.

This process also applicable, if you want to copy a file/folder from device. Just Select Pull and choose the location.