Battle of 48MP Camera

Mobile companies are now focusing more on the camera rather than any other feature. Mobile cameras has emerged significantly from old VGA to today’s AI enabled MegaPixel camera. In this evolution we have seen 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 12MP, 16MP, 20MP, 32MP and now recently added 48MP camera. Though picture quality is not only dependent on megapixel but also lot of other factors still it is a first and foremost criteria of a good picture. So, we have sorted out latest 48 MP camera phones in the market.

Let’s check out the features of these phones:

Model ScreenProcessorStorageCameraBattery
Redmi Note 7 Pro6.3 inchesQualcomm Snapdragon 675◦ 128GB, 6GB RAM
◦ 64GB, 4GB RAM
48 MP/13 MP4000 mAh
Honor View 206.4 inchesHiSilicon Kirin 980◦ 256GB, 8GB RAM
◦ 128GB, 6/8GB RAM
48 MP/25MP4000 mAh
Xiaomi Mi 96.39 inchesQualcomm Snapdragon 855◦ 128GB, 6 RAM
◦ 64GB, 6 RAM
48 MP/20MP3300 mAh
Vivo V15 Pro6.39 inchesQualcomm Snapdragon 675128 GB, 6GB RAM48 MP/32MP3700 mAh
Oppo F11 Pro6.5 inchesMediatek Helio P7064GB, 6GB RAM48 MP/16MP4000 mAh
Samsung A806.7 inchesQualcomm Snapdragon 730128GB, 8 RAM48 MP3700 mAh

Now let’s check out the picture quality captured by each phone:

Redmi Note 7 Pro

Honor View 20

Mi 9

Vivo V15 Pro

Oppo F11 Pro

Samsung A80

These phone comes under Mid to High-end segments. There are different price tags of each phone but worth paying every penny on this. Let us know what do you think.